Technology & Standards

Technology & Standards

VINYL WINDOW DESIGNS LTD. has continuously worked at improving existing and developing new products. All products are tested thoroughly by our engineering department and through independent testing prior to introduction into the marketplace.

A Quality Installation

VWD is proud to be 2012 Energy Star Advocate of the year!
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ENERGYSTAR® is a voluntary partnership between National Resource Canada, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the fenestration industry. It is designed to assist consumers in the recognition of energy efficient products and promote the environmental and economic benefits of these products with the ENERGYSTAR® label and other program activities. Find additional information regarding the ENERGYSTAR® program and available products by visiting for U.S. Information or for Canadian ENERGYSTAR® information:

Canadian Standards Association

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This label certifies that our products meet the operational and optional thermal performance required by the CSA and are subject to independent inspection to verify manufacturer¹s claims of performance and energy efficiency.

Many of our products are Canadian Standards Association and National Fenestration Ratings Council Certified. When a company tests a window, they often send a specially made unit to achieve the best result. This means that the windows they sell are very unlikely to live up to the performance claims they publish. A certified window means that testing is performed on a production window that is chosen at random by an independent tester.You are assured that the test results are an accurate reflection of the window you purchase and the materials used are the same as those in the test window!

WindowWise™ is a unique program developed by the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada. It is a unique program that includes a certified installer who has voluntarily taken extra training for installing high performance products.

Testing and Certification

All products have been tested and approved to the CSA A440-M98 Window Standard. Windows are tested for air and water penetration as well as undergoing structural testing for wind load deflection. All windows meet strict standards for resistance to forced entry. Multiple tests are performed to create increasingly adverse conditions in order to determine the performance limits of the window.

State of the Art Equipment

VWD recognized quickly that there would be a significant benefit in manufacturing custom sized windows if all our equipment was computer driven. When the order is entered in the main computer, the component list is automatically distributed to the cutting machines at production stages for the frame, sash, spacer and glass. This system virtually eliminates all human errors, reduces waste and increases efficiency.

Superior PVC

As part of our vision for growth with quality control, every effort has been made to bring the extrusion process “in house”. The Windows Design Group includes its own PVC extrusion facility capable of making the most detailed shapes with resin from PolyOne.

Our PolyOne is a superior PVC, With costly additives such as Titanium Dioxide. It is designed for long-term durability as a premium building product. This formulation is completely lead-free to protect homeowners from health hazards.

Our virtually in-house process has allowed VWD to offer a variety of colour options and to provide excellent service and delivery of products that many manufacturers cannot afford to keep in stock.

Wall thickness of every VWD extrusion exceeds the standard set by The Vinyl Institute, A Division of The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc.